What I thought of The Auteur: Sister Bambi #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.


It’s hard to work out where to start from in this issue so lets do it at the beginning. Nathan T. Rex is making an exploitation film but he’s due a little shock from Coconut.


Before the concept of a little Nathan sinks in too much, things get silly again as Nathan carries on making his epic which against all achievable and realistic odds is somehow starting to click together but then, zombies because that’s what you do these days, zombies. Zombies=money so zombies!!


Everything has zombies these days, and this is a glorious pisstake of the fact that every fucker that does a comic or a low budget horror film decides to use zombies. I love zombies, but it’s a ridiculously overused creature. Spears is gloriously taking the piss here.

But you throw in a Day of the Dead reference for old horror fans like me and I want your children….


And oh, Nathan has lost his right hand in a cute wee reference to Rick Graves in The Walking Dead. As for Nathan, everything goes to crap as zombie hordes come down upon his film and his crew but thanks to his serial killer friend Darwin he manages to escape, though Darwin’s having too much fun to leave.


At this point it seems like Spears and Callahan don’t give a fuck about who they offend because there are going to be people that read this and get offended which is simply brilliant. People should be offended as comedy shouldn’t have limits, just how it’s executed and Sister Bambi is executed perfectly. It’s one of those comics that should be getting more praise and sales than it is but I’m glad it exists as it’s bloody glorious.


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