Tomorrow I give up sugar….

I’ve been warned about the horrors of sugar as have many of us, for some time, so I’ve been calming down the about of sugary junk I partook of for about a month and it’s amazing how much better you actually feel. It’s also astonishing how much sugar is in everything we eat.

So over the last couple of weeks I’ve been cutting down sugar and frankly, I feel like I’m coming off smack, not of course I’ve done smack but it’s what it looks like in the movies. So no more chocolate, no more sweets, no more full sugar in everything. Most importantly no more sugary drinks, and that means cutting my Irn Bru addiction out.

So as of Monday my Irn Bru addiction gets cut to one bottle a week. I have no idea how my body which has built up decades of lovely sugary Irn Bru addiction is going to cope but even after a week or so I feel the difference.

But dear god, I’m going to miss necking Irn Bru every day….


One thought on “Tomorrow I give up sugar….

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