What I thought of The Shrinking Man #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


Three issues into this adaptation of Richard Matheson’s story sees our titular character facing taking a beating from local thugs in flashback, while in the present day narrative he mulls over why he didn’t kill a spider when he had a chance.


Whereas in the film version the cause of the shrinking is left vague and mysterious, there’s a sensible sounding scientific reason given, though it’s obviously as nonsense as a mysterious cloud there’s some attempt to engage with science here.


Of course it doesn’t explain Scott’s shrinking organs, but hey, this is science fiction but this explanation gives an exit point for Scott as at some point he’ll not be able to give off any more nitrogen as he won’t have anything left to give. He’ll just vanish into nothing. With that the story becomes one of a man living with a fatal condition and having to deal with his forthcoming death which means facing it as best as one can when faced with mortality.

Scott also deals with the loss of his manhood. He can no longer have sex with his wife, so when visiting the circus he meets a woman in the freakshow as small as he is currently. She gives him an offer that he finds hard to refuse, but he needs to tell his wife of the opportunity that’s here for him.


After this one night of shrunken shagging Scott accepts his fate, decides to write about it therefore providing for his wife and child but even this is fraught with danger as you’ll see if you buy the book.

Next issue is the last of this entertaining, not to mention, thoughtful adaptation that I’ve enjoyed. I hope the end is suitably satisfying.


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