My first week going cold turkey from giving up sugar….

Last week I blogged about how my major sugar habit, in particular my love for Scotland’s finest drink, Irn Bru. Today I’m six days more or less clean of sugar and it’s odd as I’m not turning into a fridge monster (more than usual) or am I suffering.

Actually that’s not quite true. I have stopped drinking a bottle a day of Irn Bru but sneaky chunks of glorious heroin-esque bit of sugar have slipped into my mouth like sweet tasty drops of joy, so I’ve not quite given up totally. Neither have I stopped drinking Irn Bru at the weekends.

But even though I’m being a bit shite, the difference is noticeable. Apart from a few hard, shaky days early in the week as I went cold turkey and my body was craving sugar badly things have been going fine. In fact by Friday I actually noticed I was having more energy and I wasn’t as worn out as usual, but this week I have to seriously cut out weekday sugar.

Because here’s a terrible stat: the amount of sugar you intake on top of what’s already in foods, or has been artificially added is ridiculous. It isn’t good, and it’s a reason why I’m doing this to not just shift some weight but get healthier in anticipation for all the stuff I’ve got planned next year.

Next week though it’s proper cold turkey!


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