Altered State: Reflections on Scotland’s First Independence Referendum

Altered State is the first part of a documentary series with this first part being titled How to Steal a Country in 10 Days. It’s a very good, if somewhat depressing look at how the media in the last few days running up to the vote on Scottish Independence on September 18th 2014 and in particular the role of the BBC in Scotland.

There’s some very good interviews from people like Derek Bateman but take a special note of the interview with Professor John Robertson and the comments of Scottish blogger Wee Ginger Dug who nails the issues with the media, and the legality of the UK government ‘promises’ in the last days of the referendum. I especially like his comment about how the British establishment’s glee in the inadequacies of the problems of Scotland, inadequacies predominately caused by the UK establishment.

I also noted Derek Bateman’s comments on the private polling done by the UK government which was apparently showing 54% support for a Yes vote; something I was unaware of. If true then that explains a hell of a lot, including the level of sheer blind panic from the UK government, the Tories, Labour and the entire UK establishment to try to keep Scotland as part of the UK. Of course the result was No, and within hours of the result all the promises made through teary eyes by London based politicians and crypt dwelling former Labour leaders dissipated in a shower of smoke.

The effect of all those false promises is that over a year on, the support for independence grows. People have realised they were sold a kipper when they were expecting salmon. The last vague flicker of hope of the UK keeping Scotland in the long run in the shape of Jeremy Corbyn has vanished thanks to the events of the last couple of days. A year on and all parties are either looking forward or resigned to a second referendum but next time people are going to smarter, and wiser. Documentaries like this will be a great help and I look forward to the second part eagerly.

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