The horror that is Glastonbury Festival ticket day approaches….

This Sunday is the first Sunday in October and that means it’s Glastonbury Festival ticket day, so free heart attacks for all!! It is simply, a fucking mental day as around a million  people around the globe try to get 150k tickets. I simply hate and despise every single second of it and have done for the decade or so there’s been this insane rush to buy tickets.


In fact I remember walking into the Bristol Ticket Shop in 2002, buying a couple of tickets, and walking home with them. In 2003 I went online, bunged my ticket on my card and it was job done. In 2004 it was fucking ridiculous and ever since it’s been dreadful. But I’ve always managed to get tickets somehow, and with last year being a year off for myself I’m not approaching this Sunday with quite the same level of creeping dread as previous years.

Previous years though have seen me get help from friends who’ve managed to get in the site via the backdoor, but last year they closed these digital doors, so hopefully new ones can be found this year. Also in previous years it’s been the last real weekend of any Indian Summer we’ve had, apart from the one year when  it snowed….

Still, after a year off I’m hopefully going to be back at Glastonbury, if of course I manage to get a bloody ticket……

1 thought on “The horror that is Glastonbury Festival ticket day approaches….

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