Is Frank Miller trolling the world with his Dark Knight cover?

I mean look at this?


I mean just LOOK at it!

What’s Superman’s cock doing? If Superman is hitting the Atom shouldn’t the Atom be a jar of raspberry jam? Those little Superman booties! The face! Dear god, the face!

Everything here is just wrong. It’s as if Miller channel a bit of Kevin O’Neill and Mick McMahon while having some sort of fit, because if the best thing anybody can say about a piece of art is that the colours are quite nice then you’ve got a lot of work to convince people the stuff inside the covers are going to be actually any good.

Dark Knight Returns is obviously a classic of the medium. Its sequel Dark Knight Strikes Again is something I actually really liked mainly because as deadly serious as the original is, the sequel is a satire of superhero comics themselves. As for Miller, he’s the man that brought Daredevil back to life as a comic and a character, before going onto do some astonishingly good stuff like Elektra: Assassin, Give Me Liberty and Sin City.

Since Dark Knight Strikes Again his work has been poor. 9/11 seems to have been an event that not only traumatised him, but pushed him to do Holy Terror, an openly vile bit of racist Islamophobic propaganda, but this is just shite. There’s nothing great about seeing one of your former heroes fall so far from grace that he’s hacking out terrible bits of art, so he’s either lost the talent he had or he’s simply taking the piss out of us all.

Except he’s not. This is real. It’s shite and DC Comics are actually going to publish it. Oh dear…..

3 thoughts on “Is Frank Miller trolling the world with his Dark Knight cover?

  1. He is ill, but this makes the decision by DC to approve something that’s crap even worse.

    Miller deserves better from his career than to have this sitting in his body of work.


  2. If he’s in bad health I’m sorry to hear that. He should limit his drawing even more, or focus on layouts & writing. That cover’s pretty crazy.


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