What I thought of Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


Yes those are the flying choir boys from Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart on the cover of this issue of The Immaterial Girl.

This is important because Emily Astor has been trapped in a world of music videos by the other half of her personality Claire, but there’s one video that may give her an escape. Can we guess from the cover what that might be??


Emily’s escape takes her through the things she gave up and here McKelvie’s layouts and art are exceptional, while Gillen’s script has some fun comment about old British indie bands like the Young Marble Giants…


I get the impression here that this isn’t just Gillen and McKelvie spilling their guts about the music they’ve passed over as they’ve grown older, but on the painfully annoying snobbery of the various tribes of the British music scene.

As for Claire, she’s not going to let Emily escape easily as Emily has managed to travel back in time in order to speak to her younger self to warn her of the deal she’ll someday do, which, unsurprisingly pisses Claire off.


And then Emily ends up in that Bonnie Tyler video facing death….


If you haven’t picked this comic up then shame on you because this is fucking glorious stuff from start til finish. If you’re aged 30-50 then much of the cultural references are going to hit home, though being reminded of Fischerspooner isn’t something I especially like because they were shite.

Next issue we find out if Emily has escaped a Total Eclipse of the Heart and how much Claire has destroyed Emily’s life…

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