Imagine if Jurassic World had been made in 1978?

I didn’t mind Jurassic World. Sure, the script was utter shite, and the effects used too much CGI rather than practical effects but it was a fun waste of a couple of hours in an air-conditioned cinema during a hot summer’s day. I would however watch the hell out of a version made in 1978 starring Michael Caine, Charlton Heston, Raquel Welch and Richard Pryor.

Sadly no such film exists, but some genius has put together a fake trailer for it on YouTube and truly it is a thing of glory and joy. It’s fun trying to spot where the clips used come from (all the films used are listed by the uploader anyhow) but the joy of this is just loving the craft that went into making this.

Anyhow, enjoy….


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