It shouldn’t be shite being Scottish

Yesterday Scotland lost to Australia in the Rugby World Cup by the fact of some terrible refereeing but because the Aussies are a bloody good side. Yet again we suffer glorious defeat. Yet again we’re praised for our plucky ability to compete at a higher level than expected. Yet again we wallow in self-pity and glory in what we didn’t do, which was beat the Aussies, dodgy ref or not.

Yet again loads of people are posting how ‘it’s shite being Scottish’ online. Fuck, I did it myself a month or so ago after the Scotland-Poland result. Here’s the thing though. I’m tired of accepting second best. I’m tired of celebrating glorious defeat like Muriel Gray and J.K. Rowling here.


It accepts a position that although we lost we can take some comfort from how we played which is true, but it also at the same time accepts a position where we’re in our place. We were magnificent but hey, that’s how it goes right?

Nah, I’m fed up with that sad, pathetic defeatist attitude many Scots (including myself only a month ago) hold. We can do better, much better and we can stop accepting defeat as a norm as do you think New Zealand, South Africa or the Aussies accept a ‘magnificent defeat’? No, do they fuck. They get up and get it right next time.They don’t accept this mantra of glorious defeat.

Get up off your knees and accept better because this attitude is one that holds Scotland as a nation back not just in sport but everything. Accepting defeat, and romanticising that defeat isn’t helping, and neither is accepting your place in the world is to be beaten or ruled by others. It’s time to look at yourselves and think ‘we can do better than this’ and we’re capable of that, we just need to get ahead of where people think we should be rather than just accept the ‘glorious defeat’ as a part of the Scottish psyche.

Shake that off and we might shake a lot of things off. Hell, we might actually have something to cheer that isn’t a defeat….


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