Fear Itself

fearitselfFear Itself by filmmaker Charlie Lyne is essentially a 90 minute thesis on the nature of fear in film that uses clips from films like Suspira, Night of the Demon, Altered States, Halloween and dozens upon dozens more horror/SF films that are designed to discuss the nature of fear itself.

Lyne made the interesting, if sometimes rambling, Beyond Clueless which oddly enough I caught up with on Netflix at the start of this month and it is a very good film, bar the occasional bit of rambling as mentioned that sometimes crops up thanks to the narrator device used by Lyne and voiced by Amy E Watson.

That said, it’s an interesting discussion of the horror film and there’s some nice manipulation of footage to induce a feeling of dread most of the time during the film’s running time. It is something I’ll need to see again, but I recommend it highly, just make sure you’ve got the lights out…

It’s available on the BBC’s iPlayer for the next year here.


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