The Tory MP that Chris Morris made believe Cake is a real drug is looking after the Tories drug policy

David Amess is the Tory MP that Chris Morris tricked into thinking that Cake (a made up drug) nearly 20 years ago. It’s a fantastic bit of comedy gold, plus it showed how utterly useless some MP’s actually are as at no point did Amess actually confirm what he’d been told, and ended up actually asking a question in the Commons about it.

He’s been announced as heading up  the bill committee for the Government’s Psychoactive Substances Bill. That means the man that said this on Brass Eye:

Is going to chair the committee that decides what is a psychoactive substance included in the bill to be banned. Obviously the Tories have excluded tobacco and alcohol, not to mention they’ll turn a blind eye to their own drug habits, but this is simply to keep the Daily Mail brigade happy. However putting a man in charge that believed in a made up drug and was so totally humiliated as chair is an insult to the idea this bill is anything but a fucking mess.

Then again, these are the Tories. Bills that are a fucking mess is their remit right now.


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