What I thought of The Shrinking Man #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.


At the end of last issue our hero Scott found himself on the verge of being crushed by his small daughter who was trying to put him in her dolls house. This is both bizarre and utterly tragic at the same time because as I’ve said in previous reviews, this is really a story of a man coming to terms with a terminal illness, and in this case it’s his realisation that he’ll never hold his daughter again, not to mention she’ll never see him in the same light.


A large part of this issue is spent with Scott’s battle with the spider that’s been brewing since the start, and for an arachnophobe like myself it’s a fucking scary load of pages. Needless to say I’m moving from that because spiders are all bastards, even ones in comics….

After that it’s the last moments for Scott as he tries to escape the cellar as his wife moves out from their former family home, as they think he’s lost or dead…


And the story ends on a positive. After all the pain Scott realises life never just vanishes. Nothing just blinks out of existence. It’s a fantastic bit of an almost religious epiphany Scott experiences that tops off what’s been a satisfying adaption of Richard Matheson’s classic story. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this comic and it’s highly recommended……


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