What I thought of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1


I keep get drawn towards Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl because it’s the sort of superhero comic I’d have utterly adored if I was 13, and I’m a lot older than that now and I still find it adorable. After all this is the second number one they’ve had this year, and they make a joke of this ludicrous marketing ploy on the cover which is fantastic.


This issue starts with Squirrel Girl as an Avenger saving people from a fire using her powers of a squirrel and her squirrel friends, including Tippy-Toe. But the things that make this comics by Erica Henderson and Ryan North is the light joyful nature of the entire thing while at the same time keeping a feeling of the Steve Ditko weirdness of the character’s first appearances.


This is a tiny little joy of a comic and probably the best thing Marvel Comics is doing right now because it’s not being too serious, neither is it trying to give the reader so many nods and winks that you can’t take it seriously as a solid superhero title with a sense of fun.

Pick this number one up, it’s great and it’ll make a matching pair with the other number one this year.

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