What I thought of Ash Vs. The Evil Dead episode one

30 years ago Evil Dead 2 was unleashed upon the world, and the planet became a better place. A few years later Army of Darkness appeared and that was the last we saw of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series til a couple of years ago when a reboot/sequel appeared that wasn’t actually anywhere near as bad as I expected, but Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams was nowhere to be seen. Until now.

Ash Vs. The Evil Dead is a 13 part series on the Starz (such a shite name for a channel, but still) channel in the US, and seems to disregard the events of Army of Darkness and takes up as a sequel to Evil Dead 2, but as someone that loves the Sam Raimi Evil Dead films I don’t care. The tone the series takes in the first six or seven minutes is simply perfect, and this preview ends just as the going gets good….

It’s Bruce Campbell being brilliant, though any concerns that the series is going to be too comedic is quickly thrown out the window and yes, there’s Raimi’s Three Stooges inspired slapstick in there but there’s also some very scary scenes, and of course, buckets of blood and gore.

I found myself grinning like a loon throughout the 45 minutes or so of this first episode, though there’s times when the TV budget shows. Ash’s trailer park is clearly a TV set, and not a very good one, and at times the American accents are fit to break (the series was filmed in New Zealand) under the suspension of belief but overall these are tiny criticisms of something that’s simply a joy.

A second series has already been commissioned before this first episode was even broadcast, so Ash Williams and the Evil Dead is going to be with us for some time yet and I couldn’t be happier…

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