What I thought of We Stand on Guard #5

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Things didn’t look good for our rapidly declining group of Canadian rebels as the fight off the evil American invaders. Their leader captured and their members falling one by one. Before the story picks up on that we find out what’s happened to Amber’s brother and where he is.


Meanwhile back at the battle things start to look up for the Canadians as a mysterious ally helps kill the American troops.


This is the point in an American action film where the music starts booming and the brave  Americans fight off the Russians/Koreans/Chinese/Aliens, but here, the Americans are the bad guys and they’re the ones being defeated by a much, much weaker force.


This penultimate issue is fantastic. It’s marvelously done and although the political subtleties of the previous issues are lacking here it’s about our plucky band of rebels getting one back on the Americans. It all sets up the final issue next month perfectly…


One thought on “What I thought of We Stand on Guard #5

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