Altered State part 2: Winner Take Nothing

The first part of Altered State, the documentary series about the Scottish independence referendum was a superb piece. The second part comes during the same week as the debate on the current Scotland Bill nears it’s end in the House of Commons and we realise that the result of the events of the referendum and May’s election is that both the Tory and Labour parties are united in order to fit up the SNP to punish those people that voted against the status quo.

As a Scot living in England but returning to Scotland soon (sooner than I thought hopefully) this is of course important to me, but it’s also important to people across the UK as this contempt for the electorate and democracy is something not just reserved for the people of Scotland, but indeed, the most vulnerable as the Tories despise the weakest in society and Labour would stab the most vulnerable in the back than stand up for them if they thought it might hurt a political opponent.

So Altered State 2: Winner Take Nothing is indeed perfectly timed because reminding people of the promises made from the Unionist side is important, and it’s also prescient in the dire warnings of the austerity and cuts that is about to rain down because the one chance to have the people of Scotland make their choices for themselves was taken away by people that voted No for a variety of reasons from fear to being one of the minority that believe the Union actually works for all.

For now, there is no second independence referendum but in the meantime it’s important to learn the lessons of the first one. This documentary series is a splendid way to reflect and do just that.


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