A quick word on the Paris Attacks

Last night the people of Paris endured the worst violence perpetrated upon their people since the Second World War as terrorists murdered over 120 people in the city, and at the time I’m writing this the death toll is sadly only going to increase.

So far the attack is still considered ongoing, and again, as I write this there’s reports of gunfire in the suburbs of Paris, but in these sort of situations rumour become reportage far too easily but it’s easy to be sucked into what is a horrific situation that is going to get worse before some sort of ‘normal’ returns to the streets of Paris, and indeed, not just across France, but the Westernised World in general.

What is as depressing as the barbarism displayed last night is some of the response. To say that the far right have lapped this up is an understatement as a quicky shufty at social media, or indeed, the comments sections of most newspapers can show that the far right are wallowing in this, and the line ‘Nigel Farage was right’ is something I predict people will use over the coming days just to display their stupefying ignorance for all to see.

The problem is that the far right want an end to multiculturalism. They want an ideological war. ISIS want an end to multiculturalism. They want an ideological war. Giving ISIS what they want isn’t going to defeat them, and fighting extremists that want a mono-culture  by demanding your own mono-culture is insane. It’s fascism breeding off fascism and it’s depressing as it’s going down a path ISIS want, but then again I don’t expect the likes of the EDL to be doing much in the way of thinking.

There’s also a problem in the response from some on the left that we should strive for a secular society, which I sort of agree with, but that idealistic nirvana isn’t going to happen anytime soon, plus ISIS isn’t about religion completely. ISIS are about culture and their culture being ‘better’ than anyone else’s. If you’re a secularist they’ll cut your head off as quickly as would a Christian, Jew or Muslim, as the main victims of ISIS’s slaughter across the Middle East are Muslims refusing to join their fascist caliphate. After all many of the refugees coming into Europe have faced the sort of violence last night daily hence their attempts to escape it.

Frankly, I have no real fucking idea how to stop ISIS for good. Unlike some on the left I accept a military response has to happen, though I doubt the proposed bombing of Syria by the UK is going to be remotely helpful let alone useful. Problem is you leave yourself limited by just responding to ISIS just by fighting them on the ground, and indeed, one suggestion for the reason behind last night’s attacks is that they’ve suffered some serious losses on the ground so they’ve decided to up their assault on the West.

But the way we can fight ISIS and extremism is not to give into to it. We stand with everyone, be they Muslim, Jew, Christian, Atheist, or none of the above against fascism and we don’t descend to using fascism to fight fascists because this is what ISIS are: fascists. You unite to fight fascists and you carry on living your life as normal because the minute you give an inch to them they’ll take more, and then more and it really will lead to a dark, dark place as an ideological war becomes a very real one and I don’t want to live in that sort of world.

You piss them off by standing united. You show ISIS that we’re not going to let them win and although this sort of thing is probably going to happen again we do not give way to them. Ever. We also don’t let our elected leaders to use this to curb our civil liberties. We don’t win by giving into fascists, terrorists or authoritarians.

So we unite. You have little victories were you can, but unless we all stand against fascism in all it’s forms none of us are safe.

And at the Sade de France last night French football fans showed that resistance.

The next days are going to be bad as the full scale of last night’s horror becomes clear, but unite and fight or divide and let ISIS get their race/religious war. For me there’s only one choice….


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