Today’s Daily Mail cartoon is a racist bit of hatred aimed at Muslims

The general consensus is the Daily Mail is a filthy, bigoted rag that offends people in order to make money and spread hate/ Today, their cartoonist Mac has had his latest piece published and it’s as if it’s pre-war Nazi Germany and that isn’t hyperbolic.


That cartoon above was printed in a UK newspaper in the year 2015 and just to prove it’s not hyperbole to compare this with Nazi propaganda have a look at this.


The depiction of human beings as rats is a deliberate, not to mention, evil attempt at dehumanise people, in the case of the Daily Mail, it’s Muslims, immigrants and refugees as they push the idea of ‘open borders’ (we don’t have open borders) and a ‘flood’ (we don’t have unlimited immigration, or endless amounts of refugees entering the UK) of people.

It’s bullshit. Racist fucking bullshit.It also helps ISIS/ISIL/Daesh in their goal to cause division, and in particular against Muslims because they think it’ll help drive people to their repulsive brand of fascism and here’s the Daily Mail publishing something that helps spread hatred not to mention it reduces vulnerable people to the place of rodents.

This is vile cartoon and I despise the person that drew it, the paper that published it and those that look at it and don’t question it. Fuck the Daily Mail. Fuck the bigoted Nazi arseholes that work for it and fuck the people that lavishly fucking lap their filth up.

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