What I thought of Jessica Jones episodes 6-8

There’s spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned!



I wrote in my previous blog that so far Jessica Jones had skirted round the subject of rape, abuse it handled, but it’s not made clear if Kilgrave raped Jessica, or indeed, any of his victims. In episode six this ambiguity is truly dumped as the girl Hope, who Kilgrave ordered to kill her parents arranges for another prisoner to beat her up. Jessica and Jeri Hogarth thinks this is prison bullying, but it’s not. Hope paid the prisoner to beat her up in order to try to induce an abortion so she can’t carry to term the child growing in her that’s the result of Kilgrave raping her.

It’s a case that in episode six Kilgrave becomes more and more disturbing as we realise just exactly what he’s doing not just to Jessica, but to her friends like her upstairs neighbour who he commands to kill himself and leaves lying in Jessica’s bed. In one scene a comic character becomes a tragic victim of Kilgrave, but it becomes worse for him as Jessica plans to use his corpse to get herself imprisoned in a Supermax prison so she can keep her friends out of Kilgrave’s way and lure him to her at the same time.Of course we’re in the Marvel Universe, so the smart thing to do is go see Tony Stark and the Avengers. explain the situation and let Stark send one of his Iron Man drones to capture Kilgrave and sort things out. That series though only runs ten minutes…..

After ripping her neighbours head off from his corpse and taking it to the police, she finds out that Kilgrave isn’t going to allow that to happen as he’s taken control of everyone in the police station in a great, and quite menacing scene that shows the level of power Kilgrave has, plus it allows David Tennant to turn on his acting chops.

Problem is Kilgrave is tearing Jessica’s life apart but she’s alienating friends like Luke who she’s admitted to that she killed his wife while under the control of Kilgrave. This prompts Luke to call her a piece of shit, and to dump her. It’s tragic because Luke and Jessica worked as a couple, thanks mainly to the chemistry of Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter. Then Kilgrave steps things up by buying Jessica’s childhood home (the scene where is dawns on the viewer just what house Kilgrave is buying is a fantastic scene), so not even this happy memory is sacred. He’s defiled that place while his plan is to have Jessica come to him willingly rather than use his powers to get her to stay with him, but can Jessica escape with the help of Trish’s friend Simpson? Best get watching to find out!

At the end of episode eight Jessica Jones is on a par with Daredevil. There’s not been the procession of big set pieces there was in Daredevil, and the easy trick of making the series just about Luke Cage and Jessica Jones has been avoided (after all, there’s a solo Luke Cage series coming soon on Netflix) and Jessica’s supporting characters are a glorious mix of people. This though is a very focused story based upon the actions of two people that influence everyone around them so in some respects there are similarities between Kilgrave and Jessica.

I’d highly recommend Jessica Jones. If the last five episodes meet the quality of the first eight this this could be a series that surpasses Daredevil and that’s some feat if it does.


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