What I think of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1


35 years ago or so the great Jack Kirby created Devil Dinosaur for Marvel Comics near the end of his long career, and nobody liked it. Unless of course you were an utter nutter like me that loved the adventures of Moon Boy and his friend, Devil Dinosaur who was a large red Tyrannosaurus Rex. To the 10 year old me, it was brilliant.

Fast forward to 2015 and Marvel bring us Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur written by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare, with art by Natacha Bustos. In all the titles Marvel have been launching to get away from the miserable grim and gritty bollocks that they published, this one (even more than the delightful Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) stands out because it is Kirby, and even though Devil Dinosaur is one of the lesser Kirby creations, it’s still important to people like me.

But from the minute we’re introduced to Lunella LaFeyette it’s clear that this comic is going to try to charm the arse off you.


Lunella is a Reed Richards level genius who still happens to be stuck in school, and is trying to get to a better school where her abilities will be recognised and nurtured. Instead she’s mocked by classmates for her intelligence.


Lunella’s got not friends, though her parents love and care for her the problem is that she’s stuck and can’t get out of the situation she’s in. Thankfully something is coming her way in the shape of a particular red dinosaur.


We have the sad death of Moon Boy, some comic book stuff involving a Macguffin that enables Devil Dinosaur to travel to New York in the 21st century.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a total and utter joy.This is a fabulous fun read that doesn’t get stuck in messy Marvel continuity as anyone can pick this issue up and they’ll get it right away. It also captures the feel of old Marvel Comics but done in a very modern way, and there’s not one page of grim grimness. Even Moon Boy’s death isn’t dwelt upon for too long, and it certainly isn’t violent or exploitative.

This comic is bloody fabulous. I recommend it to kids old and young as this is just joyous stuff and I’ll be back for next issue…


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