Altered State part 3: Reflections on Scotland’s First Independence Referendum: Endgame

The last part of Altered State outlined the independence referendum campaign and the promises made by Better Together to ensure that Scotland remained part of the United Kingdom, for now at least.

This third part deals with the aftermath, including the SNP’s astonishing victory in May’s general election in Scotland. Like the other parts it’s essential viewing but there’s some  wise words of caution from Derek Bateman in regards pushing for a second referendum sooner rather than later because if that happens too soon and it’s lost (and right now polls are split but it’d still be a defeat for Independence) then it’s over. It’ll never happen.

That’s why many on the Unionist side are desperate for another referendum to happen ASAP because they know the only way to kill the dream of Scottish Independence is to kill it stone dead via the ballot box. That’s what they thought would happen in September 2014 and it didn’t.

So be wise, proceed with caution and a second referendum will come when it can be won. That’s not for the remainder of this decade, and here I disagree with Bateman who outlines a timescale of 20 years. I disagree, I think in a decade it’ll happen. I hope it happens.

Anyhow, enjoy the third part of this splendid series….

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