What I thought of Paper Girls #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


This issue doesn’t reveal the outcome of last issue’s rather tense cliffhanger, but it does start by revealing a bit of whatever is going on and how it’s affected people in this small town in the 1980’s.


This little diversion leads into the resolution of the previous issues cliffhanger and the realisation that Mac and her mother didn’t actually shoot each other. Erin was shot instead.


It’s a shocking scene as our entry character and basically, lead, is shot so early on so the girls have to work out a way to cut through the strange clouds, lightening bolts and flying dragons to get Erin to the hospital and then hope that all the doctors haven’t been taken like everyone else. Unfortunately something gets in the way of getting to the hospital..


From here it gets odd as more twists are chucked into a story brimming with them already, but as enjoyable a comic as this is I feel the plot is overwhelming the characters of the girls a little too much. They need a bit of time to breathe and develop off their own backs but Paper Girls is such a fast paced comic that it’s difficult to let the girls shine through as anything but broad stereotypes.

That’s a small moan though. This comic otherwise works as a fine SF/mystery comic that’s not predictable at all, which is why I’m coming back to it rather than abandoning it after a second issue which I do with so many new comics these days.


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