What I thought of We Stand on Guard #6

Thoughts about #1#2 ,#3#4 and #5.


I’ve totally enjoyed We Stand On Guard not as an action/adventure story (which it is and works very well) but as a piece of expertly timed political commentary about American exceptionalism, and imperialism, however this issue is the climax and that means seeing if our group of Canadian freedom fighters survive their attack on the Americans.


The fighters are outnumbered, but manage to get out a message via the future version of the internet to the people of Canada and it boils down to a confrontation between Amber and The American.


In these pages Vaughan turns things into an interesting debate as it doesn’t become simple and binary, but not to panic, there’s violent action coming.


I’ve said throughout this series that this is going to have been a touch book for those raised on the idea of American exceptionalism, and indeed, if you think there’s no such thing as American imperialism then this is probably something that you’ll find extraordinarily offensive. The writing though leaves it clear that the Americans are the aggressors, even at the end when there’s some doubt as to who exactly started the entire thing, it’s clear that Vaughan leaves it clear who are the bad guys here.

It’s been an interesting story for an American comic to deal with, and indeed, I don’t think it’s entirely worked (the Canadian freedom fighters are just far too underdeveloped as characters) but it’s brave. It’s not going to have went down well with some but I applaud Brian K. Vaughan for writing it, and Image Comics for publishing it.

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