What I thought of Revenger Is Trapped #1


Revenger is the story of a woman travelling around a broken United States helping those that need helping and leveling the score. If this sounds like it’s just a cheap exploitation comic then you’d be right, but you’ll also be missing not just a great cheap exploitation comic, but something that speaks of the state of American, and indeed, American comics books.

Creator Charles Forsman draws upon a lot of sources of inspiration, most obviously underground comix and indeed, there’s a touch of Spain Rodriguez going on at times, but the best thing to do with Revenger is strap yourself in and see where it goes.


In this one-shot, Forsman has Revenger trapped and outnumbered by hillbillies in a remote part of the United States. So far so very The Hills Have Eyes, which is not a bad thing at all however the violence starts early on as Revenger starts to fight her way out of the hillbilly lair in the most violent ways you can imagine.


And the rest of this one-shot is more and more violence.


Forsman plays up the exploitation in every panel and it’s glorious. There’s no decent moral redeeming feature of this and I love it for the fact that Forsman doesn’t give a fuck because that’s the point. It doesn’t matter that there’s no deep meaning or purpose to this comic. It exists to tell a violent story as best it can without pretenses.

I’d highly recommend this, and if you enjoy it please go back and buy Forsman’s other Revenger comics because they’re bloody good fun, if you like that sort of thing of course……

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