What I thought of The Wicked and the Divine #17

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The final issue of this arc featuring guest artists focusing on one member of the Pantheon is upon us and this issue deals with Sakhmet, a character that’s not been too prominent so far in this splendid series. Though like a cat, her main abilities seem to be sleeping and fucking.


Sakhmet is a pretty, vain, arrogant girl suffering from punishing self-confidence so again, very much like a cat. She’s also able to land like a cat in her travels across London…


So far so fine. It’s another nice character piece of one of the Pantheon, and like many of the others it’s another spoilt brat. Then Gillen turns everything on it’s head as he reveals the true nature of Sakhmet and it’s pretty shocking as she’s not just a spoilt brat, but a real monster.


And the issue ends on a cliffhanger before the letter page announces there’s no more Wicked and the Divine til the spring, not to mention that this was the last character driven issue. Upon it’s return things ramp up a notch which I can’t wait for for as good as these issues have been it’s felt to me like a holding pattern in terms of plot.

So it’s a few months break and these hopefully it’s a full-on blast in terms of story just to wrap up all the dangling plot threads from this year and a half of story. Let’s see what happens in April…..

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