What I thought of Wild’s End: The Enemy Within #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.

WildsEndenemywithin-4At the end of the last issue, the British army had been led to the alien landing site by Mr. Fawkes where they discovered they were in a very, very bad situation indeed but before we find out the state of Fawkes and his group, we’re brought up to speed with the others.


Back at the landing site it seems things are indeed getting worse as the landing sites look as if they’ve been around for years, as opposed to a few days as everyone assumes.


We also have a little bit more information about Clive and his past fighting in Britain’s wars.


Meanwhile the army have managed to open up the entrances to the alien craft and make their entry, just as Clive and Laidlaw manage to convince the army to let them join the reinforcements to join the soldiers at the landing site. Unfortunately the shit hits the fan…..


The great thing about this series is that it’s essentially an action/adventure story, but this series has been about paranoia, tension not to mention some much needed character building, but by the end of this issue Abnett pulls it back to being a pretty enjoyable, not to mention thrilling, action/adventure story and that’s great because Wild’s End is a great concept and great fun.

Next issue though the shit has hit the fan. What’s going to happen to our heroes?

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