Party Monster is a film that changed my life

I’ve mentioned briefly before that Party Monster, the 2003 film starring Macauley Culkin as the real life ‘club kid’ murderer Michael Alig is possibly one of my favourite films of all time.

Party Monster Quad (Page 1)

This article on the Vice site got me thinking about the film and just indeed, what it did for me the first time I saw the film back in 2003 when I first saw it at the Stockholm Film Festival.

2015-12-26 12.21.42

The thing that changed it for me was the realisation I didn’t need to give a fuck about what others thought about me. It’s a silly thing but I spent years worrying whether I’d  live up to other people’s expectations but seeing the antics of drug crazed murder Michael Alig as played by drug crazed Macauley Culkin somehow resonated with me to finally get myself secure in the knowledge that I’ll be fine, even if I wasn’t a drug-crazed murderer, though I have been known to be drug-crazed every now and then…

It’s funny how one thing, one work of art, or anything can trigger something isn’t it?


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