A moment of appreciation for Pretty Girls Makes Graves

Back in the early years of this century music was actually a bit exciting as acts tried doing things that were different, exciting, fun or all of the above. The likes of the White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Strokes, and many more were flooding into the UK with some of them being to my taste (I still adore the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and some not (fuck The Strokes) because they were a bit shite.

One of the bands that came over from the US that have sadly faded into obscurity were Pretty Girls Make Graves, a Seattle band named after The Smiths song of the same name.Unlike The Smiths, Pretty Girls Make Graves were energetic punk with a poppy feel and from the first time I hear them played the new band tent at the 2002 Reading Festival I was utterly hooked. Their first, and best, album Good Health (the opening track Speakers Push the Air is as glorious an opening track as you’ll hear) is a classic of early 21st century music that matches any one of the albums by vastly more successful bands of the time.

Sadly they broke up in 2007. Later albums never matched that first one, but they still produced some cracking stuff, but here’s their first album. Go listen to it as loud as you can!

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