What I thought of James Bond #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


In between last issue and this one, I’ve finally managed to see the latest Bond film Spectre, and although it’s alright, it made me want to see what a Warren Ellis Bond film would be like even more as it’s got bits that work really well (the entire plot to create a surveillance organisation is great) but the entire plot about Spectre itself descends into utter bollocks, especially on the ending on Westminster Bridge.

As for this issue it opens with a reveal that Bond’s potential assassin has prosthetic arms that grant her enhanced strength.


It’s a lovely scene that feels both like an Ellis story, and it feels  very much like Bond. The baddie also sounds like a Bond villain more so than Christoph Waltz’s plodding baddie in Spectre.

As for Bond he’s tracking down the drug ring in Berlin still, but has ended up in the wrong place confronting a different set of criminals than expected, but still, this is a chance for Ellis and artist James Masters to give us a fantastically laid out action scene.


This goes on for a few pages but it’s not dull, rather than it’s translating a cinematic action scene to the medium of comics that allows Masters to do some very interesting things in terms of action.


After escaping this trap much to the shock and amazement of the bad guys they decide to go to ‘condition Vargr’ which involves activating another enhanced killer who has a relationship of sorts with Dharma, our enhanced arms woman, that’s a kinky little update of Fleming’s use of sexuality in his stories.

Overall I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s smart, action packed and clever. It’s a real, proper 21st century Bond comic, as well as being a solid SF/action thriller in it’s own right.

3 thoughts on “What I thought of James Bond #3

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