Wave Goodbye To 2015


This year finally grinds to a crunching halt at midnight tonight and the planet gives a small sight of relief as it’s been generally fucking horrible. A Tory Party victory in the General Election, the rise of fascists like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, the continuing horror brought to the world thanks to ISIS, the continuing wars perpetuated by the West, the increasingly unhinged world of British nationalism, Tory cuts to the welfare state, unending shooting atrocities in the US,climate change and on and on and on.

It’s frankly been dreadful, but it rushes behind us into the mist and we run towards the light of 2016 hoping that it can’t be any worse than 2015 unless the Americans do something as utterly apocalyptic as electing Donald Trump. They do that and we might as well give up any long term planning outwith of watching the Mad Max films for a bit of advice of how to survive after the world’s went to shite.

And on that cheery note, bye bye 2015. You won’t be missed…

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