There’s horror in my head: A short appreciation of Curve

The early 1990’s were a rare time for music in the UK. The Madchester scene was fading out. Grunge was just coming over from the US. The Rave scene was mutating, and manufactured pop from the likes of Stock, Aitken and Waterman dominated the charts.

In among all this were Curve, a two piece made of Dean Garcia and Toni Halliday, though you’ll be hard found to find much promotional material for the band that doesn’t purely focus on Halliday as she was the vision of many a young boy’s eye..

For me I first encountered the Curve sound through the song Fait Accompli, a song that still sounds amazingly fresh decades later. In fact one of the few performances I remember at Glastonbury in 1992 is Curve’s performance of this song….

The album Doppelganger was full of tracks of this Gothic version of the British Indie sound of the time, with the single Horror Head also standing out.

Doppelganger for me is one of the best albums of the 90’s as well as being one of the most underrated these days, In fact whenever some dreary TV or media article discussing Britpop turns up on BBC4, Channel 4 or one of the broadsheets, those years prior to Britpop exploding in 1994 are skimmed over. Problem with that is the variety of British music at the time was ignored and a band like Curve doesn’t fit into the media of today’s narrative of the 90’s so they’ve been somewhat lost.

Their next album Cuckoo saw them going harder and more industrial, which was fine but it never grabbed me in the way their earlier material did. That said, it was still bloody good.

They’re still going on but their heyday is a thing of glory and joy. They should occupy a larger spot in British music history than they do and I hope in my own wee way I’ve helped do so…….

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