What I thought of Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham #6

Thoughts about #1#2#3#4 and #5.


This issue of Marvel#s Miracleman reprints sees the storyline get to the end of Gaiman and Buckingham’s first arc The Golden Age, and all the people and stories we’ve been shown over the previous five issues come back as these people are reintroduced during the celebrations for the day Miracleman stopped Kid Miracleman’s decimation of London.


The issue is a series of snapshots as our characters we’ve met mingle in the crowds of London Day, and don’t just revel or be in awe of them but they take in the realities of the changed world they now live in thanks to Miracleman.


There’s also a nice little cameo of an old Marvel character that Alan Moore wrote very early in his career…


Having the story set in a more chaotic science fiction version of the Notting Hill/St . Paul’s Carnival where the sights and sounds are infinitely more outlandish than you’d see at a normal carnival.


Carnival wraps up The Golden Age quite nicely as Gaiman gives either a nice resolution for the characters he’s used up til now or leaves them with a bittersweet end to our time with them. There’s also a nice uplifting ending and that’s it, The Golden Age is over. Next issue sees the start of The Silver Age and that means Marvel are getting very near to the end of the reprinted/unpublished Gaiman and Buckingham material from Eclipse Comics from the early 1990’s. So in a few months we’ll get the unpublished issue that’s sat around for 20 years thanks to Eclipse’s bankruptcy, and then our first serious new Miracleman material in the 21st century.

The Silver Age was the arc that was going down interesting roads when Eclipse’s bad management saw Miracleman go on the sort of hiatus that’s left people who were young and fresh at the time transform with age into graying middle age. I hope the new material isn’t too jarring in difference, and I hope Gaiman and Buckingham’s final arc, The Dark Age gives the entire story a suitable ending.  Indeed I remember being told a chunk of the plot for The Dark Age decades ago at a UKCAC but even today much of it  might be a tad hardcore for your average superhero comic fan.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


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