What I thought of Paper Girls #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.


As this issue starts with yet another set of questions being laid out in front of us, it’s worth noting that Brian K. Vaughn’s increasingly splendid thriller/SF tale is like one of those Russian dolls that seem to go on and on, but here Vaughan creates a mystery, not to mention he has our strange armoured protagonists speak a strange yet familiar language.


As for Mac and the others they find out part of the truth about the mysterious men promising to help to heal Erin of her gunshot wound.


Before they can help save Erin, we find out what an Editrix is and how dangerous whatever it is actually is, though thanks to some bravery from the girls they manage to hurt it.


Do the girls escape to save their friend? That’s for you to find out but as this progresses I’m being pulled more and more into this story and yes, the lead characters are still a bit flat, but they’re starting to develop a little bit more this issue into fuller characters but it’s the developing SF storyline that’s driving this comic. It’s drawing from a number of influences (I especially like the Moebius ones) but it’s trying to be its own thing which is great. As usual next issue I’m sure will create more new questions for us…..

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