The Drunken Bakers is the best comic being published in the UK today

This week Vice published an interview with Barney Farmer. the writer and co-creator of Viz Comic’s superb The Drunken Bakers, which to me is by far the best comic published in any form in the UK today.Along with artist Lee Healey, they produce work that’s satirical, funny, crude, touching and any other thing you can imagine to paint a story of a pair of bakers that have hit the bottom.

It should make you weep every single time you read it yet for all the tragedy included in these strips there’s a lot to be said as it works on so many levels that it goes beyond Viz’s best strips. Farmer and Healey also produce other work such as the brutal Scum Mothers Do Have Them and the probably far too truthful The Daily Male, but it’s The Drunken Bakers that’s the diamond in their career so far.

So here’s a few examples for those unaware of the strip of its brilliance. I also need to add my voice to those crying out for a proper collected edition of these strips. It’s daft that it’s getting so much acclaim (it’s also Alan Moore’s favourite comic) and we can’t get a trade of it.

Anyhow, enjoy these few examples……











2 thoughts on “The Drunken Bakers is the best comic being published in the UK today

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