10 Cloverfield Lane proves you can keep a secret

Cloverfield was a found footage/giant monster film I’m rather fond of even if most of the characters are enormous smug arseholes who mainly deserve to die, but it was a success and built up a strong cultish following.

For years producer J.J/ Abrams has teased a potential sequel since the film’s release in 2008 but nothing happened, not to mention since then Abrams has become involved with a new Star Wars trilogy so the prospect of a Cloverfield sequel vanished into the ether. Until yesterday when a trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane appeared in front of the latest Michael Bay shitefest. Little is known of the film but it already has a Wikipedia page that tells us it’s starring John Goodman (in my mind one of America’s great actors), Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr.

Whats amazing that in the year 2015/6 a film sequel to a popular film has been made (and I appreciate it was filmed under a different name), a trailer cut, a poster designed and a release date set upon and not one person leaked anything. Not even a sneaky image. That’s amazing, really amazing that everyone stayed quiet and that makes me have some faith in humanity that perhaps people can keep secrets…

So, here’s the trailer.

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