The strange case of George Lucas

George Lucas is the creator of Star Wars, and is a very,very, very,very, very wealthy man even before he sold the rights to Star Wars to Disney for billions of dollars so he could sit around spending the rest of his life counting his money. Sadly, Lucas decided to become a grumpy old man upon seeing The Force Awakens and decided that Disney and J.J Abrams had pissed all over his children.

This is a case of seller’s remorse. He’s seen something that he didn’t think of  be more popular than his own work and he’s thrown a strop, but here’s the thing about selling something: once it’s gone it’s not yours. Sure, you can comment upon it, but don’t act like a dick when people call you out and ask you if why you sold it for billions of dollars if you think you can do better?

But this is because for a long, long time nobody has ever called Lucas out or challenged him. He’s been surrounded by Yes Men/Women for far too long and when realising that he’s no longer at the centre of his own creation has kicked back in the media to try to make a case that he’s somehow been wronged, yet, unlike say, the case of Jack Kirby, or Alan Moore, or endless Disney cartoonists over the decades this isn’t a case of a Massive Corporation shafting a lowly creator. This is the case of a very powerful creator making a boat full of cash and getting pissy.

It’s bullshit basically, as are those people crying out for Lucas to be reinstated back at the head of the Star Wars sage. Tough, he sold out. Disney went off to do their own thing and that really is the end of it.

However this is an excuse to post the documentary of the making of The Phantom Menace. Apart from showing the fact that Lucas had turned into a terrible director by this point, it also shows the entire forelock tugging that went on around him in scenes that play like something written by Ricky Gervais in The Office. My favourite scenes are the one where Lucas tries to explain to his mate Steven Spielberg that the droid army is going to look cool with Spielberg doing that thing mates do of being nice, but at the same time thinking ‘fucking hell, really??’.

The second is after the first viewing of the film where everyone realises they’ve got a stinker on their hands. People’s faces are pale as they try to sort out a mess that never got sorted out because nobody had the bollocks to say, ‘actually George, that’s shite, let’s try something else”.

Anyhow, here’s the film, get ready to cringe….

2 thoughts on “The strange case of George Lucas

  1. Interesting stuff. I actually went and watched all three behind the scenes movies after your article. I can’t argue with the fact that Lucas was surrounded by Yes-men and women. But watching those has given me a new respect for the prequels. I didn’t know Ewan MacGregor was such an awesome sword fighter. Unfortunately the videos don’t really go into the writing process too much, more just the director’s side of things.

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