In another universe this is the last Burns Night before Scottish Independence

Tonight is Burns Night, the annual celebration of Scotland’s most famous poet, Rabbie Burns, not that you’ll see the name ”Rabbie” being used by much of the media as that’s a bit too Scottish so it’s Robert Burns to avoid the cringe some have in hearing the Scots language being used and since the Scottish independence referendum so many in the mainstream media have done their best to avoid anything too overtly Scottish. I have spoken about how Burns Night is being culturally appropriated before, but since the Indyref it’s went into overdrive.

But if the idea of the multiverse is true somewhere out there in infinity there’s a universe where the people of Scotland didn’t shite themselves on September the 18th 2014 and decided not to be ruled over by a bunch of lying, corrupt, paedophile enablers that suck up to the likes of Saudi Arabia while they crucify people. Instead things have moved forward and the people of Scotland look forward to independence in March of 2016 rather than fighting over what money it can receive, or whether it has a better idea of what welfare its people need or simply want to not be dragged into yet another war in the Middle East.

In the endless majesty of the multiverse there’s a Scotland not fighting for itself against the Tories and their enablers in other parties and the media. Somewhere out there the cringe isn’t being tolerated and we’re happy to say ‘Rabbie’ without looking over our shoulder to ensure we get approval.

But that’s my wee rant. Frankie Boyle sums it up better….


I think Rabbie Burns would appreciate that…


2 thoughts on “In another universe this is the last Burns Night before Scottish Independence

  1. I note with some disgust that the only TV programme tonight on Rabbie is a documentary on BBC2 titled “Burns, My Dad and Me” the “Me” being Kirsteen McCue, daughter of Bill McCue. Unlike her father Kirsteen resents “…Robert Burns. (she) resents that schoolchildren are fed his daft rhymes, instead of discovering far greater poets, simply because the wee chancer was Scottish”. Unfortunately I won’t see if she has anything positive to say about Rabbie since I no longer watch anything the BBC has to offer.

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