If you like my little site here, then you are hopefully going to enjoy this….

I’ve been doing this wee site for nearly three years now and built up a nice little readership for the varied subjects I write about from comics, to film, to the history of British comics, to Scottish independence, to politics, to music, to just calling people that need it a bunch of pricks.

It’s been fun but I’m expanding onto new territory. That’s Not Current is a newborn website offering up reviews and retrospectives of TV, film, comics and ”Geek Culture” so from last week on my weekly comic reviews are going to be appearing there as well as here. I’m also going to be doing some longer form pieces plus some articles I’ve done in the past are going to be tarted up, updated and given a bit of a new twist.

Obviously it’s early days for the site, but there’s a nice selection of writers and it’d be nice to see it grow quickly.  Sadly time is a premium and I like my kip far too much to give up any of that so there’s going to be a bit of a lull at times on here as I do material for That’s Not Current. but not to worry. The plan is to publish expanded versions on my site here that includes all the libelous, filthy scandal and abuse I’d not inflict on anyone else’s site.

So please, give the site a go. It’s going to grow in the weeks ahead and it’d be fun if people jumped on board now so enjoy!


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