Men’s Rights Activists are pissed off with a comic that made them a bit uncomfortable

Men’s rights activists are a strange lot. Considering most men’s rights supporters tend to be male, white and middle class they cry of being oppressed by feminism, which is just bizarre logic. This isn’t to say that fourth wave feminism hasn’t got it’s massive issues (mainly due to it be propagated by middle class mainly white women that ignore the plight of working class women), not to mention their versions of the enormous arseholes that dominate the men’s right’s movement. While both sides hammer against each other the idea of egalitarianism gets lost and it’s just a slagging match between groups which solves nothing.

This however doesn’t mean we can’t point and laugh at people for frankly, being arseholes.

I write wee reviews of comics every week mainly of comics that catch my fancy, and one such comic was Crossed:Badlands. Basically it’s an extreme horror comic created by Garth Ennis that he uses to investigate the human condition, or politics, or the very nature of human morality itself. When Ennis isn’t writing the series it’s generally just extreme gore with a large dollop of misogyny so it’s tedious if you’re not into that sort of thing. Recently though the singer and writer Max Bemis wrote a two-part story that piqued my interested and I reviewed them here and here. I’m not going to go over the story again here so go read the reviews if you want to know what I thought; my issue is the reaction to them.

As can be seen by the comments below my reviews or on this Reddit thread that introduced me to the term ‘legbeard‘.It’s the outraged sense of entitlement that’s both sadly hilarious and concerning as after all, these people exist in the real world and not just online, so they have to interact with women but they see them almost as a different species but if they just stood back and realised that the only thing under threat is the fragile ego of men that see the world as theirs.

So seriously guys, get a fucking life. Chill out, get a decent haircut. Learn how to talk to people, especially women, Maybe develop the ability to laugh at yourselves. Talk about interesting things. Listen. Then maybe perhaps people, especially women, will speak to you and you won’t end up sounding like your entire emotional development stopped at age four.

5 thoughts on “Men’s Rights Activists are pissed off with a comic that made them a bit uncomfortable

  1. Just a heads up, but the reddit thread you linked isn’t full of mra’s. The overlap between /r/justlegbeardthings and /r/mensright is rather slight. /r/justlegbeardthings is a Schadenfreude sub. It’s about laughing and shaking your head as people act ridiculously. No activism to be had there, no attempts to educate or advocate for change.

    Legbeard is an ironic term as well. Even if you’ve never heard of legbeard before you’ve probably heard the term neck beard. A term used to describe a certain type of gentleman who grows hair on his neck but not his face, wears a fedora, and says things like m’lady.
    Well on reddit and elsewhere neckbeard came to be the favorite insult of people advocating for a rather radical brand of feminism. And many people found it humorous that people advocating for body acceptance were at same time shaming people based on looks. The question being “If you don’t want people to feel obligated to shave your legs, why should they feel obligated to shave their neck?” And hence legbeard was born as a term to describe radical feminist who are completely out of touch with reality.


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