What I thought of James Bond #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.


James Bond is in Berlin and enhanced superhumans are stalking him trying to kill him or anyone near to him, and all Bond has is his gun and his wits in the fourth issue of Warren Ellis’s superb Bond story.

There’s no fat or padding in this story at all. Everything is there for a reason, so once Bond reveals to the person planning to horribly kill him that he knows his plan there follows an excellently told fight scene executed with great wee touches from artist James Masters.


The fight here is brutal, hard and ends up unsurprisingly with Bond winning, but this isn’t the film Bond. This is a cold bastard of a killer that ensures he gets what he wants which is to find the mastermind behind everything.


Kurjak’s scheme is simple but horrendous. He plans to turn Britain into a giant concentration camp as an experiment in controlling populations. To do this he’s launched a strain of drug into the UK that’s killing dozens of people and increasing because he’s a bad guy that James Bond is eventually going to kill but the fun here is seeing how the story unfolds as Warren Ellis is clearly having huge fun writing Bond.

Vargr is a fantastic Bond story, and probably the best James Bond comic I’ve read since Mike Grell did a story for the now defunct Eclipse Comics back in the late 1980’s. It’s reaching a climax so I’d recommend getting on board now because this is how Bond should be for the 21st century.


2 thoughts on “What I thought of James Bond #4

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