Look at the pretty flowers-a depreciation of Valentine’s Day


This weekend sees the crawling horror that is Valentine’s Day. This means men all up and down the country desperately buy flowers from service stations at the last minute as they wake up in a cold sweat realising that if they don’t, then there’s no shagging for them for weeks, or even months!

I’ve never been a fan of the day. It’s contrived bullshit designed to sell cards, flowers and crap just before Mother’s Day Easter or indeed, any other day or holiday designed to sell shite.

Luckily I’ve managed to have girlfriends and partners that have mainly shared my opinion that it’s an enormous waste and anyhow, if you’re telling your significant other one day a year you love them then what the fuck are you doing the rest of the time? If you’re not telling them what you feel then that’s probably why you’re outside a Shell garage at 8.30pm on Valentines Day looking at the scraggy flowers sitting by the charcoal thinking ‘that’ll do” and buying a reduced box of Milk Tray.

Happy Valentines Day people….


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