What I thought of The Half #1

thehalfThe Half is available from Comixology for a mere 69p, so on a quiet week for new releases that aren’t tired superhero comics, tired fantasy comics or just shite, this comic’s cover stood out and for a mere 69p it’s worth a chance it might actually be decent!

Written by Justin Porter and drawn by Jeremy Stein, The Half is the story of a young boy coming to terms with his dysfunctional family and although from the off Stein’s art is crude the script by Porter has an authenticity to it that suggest that one or both of the creative team has lived through something like the events in this comic themselves.


As I’ve said, Stein’s art is crude, but his storytelling is spot on.  We can see the damage caused by his angry, alcoholic abusive father to not just his mother, or his house, but to how our young lead character lives his life trying to avoid his father abusing him. Sadly that doesn’t happen as his father humiliates him by cutting his hair because of his poor marks at school.


Sadly the comic descends into melodrama so any serious message or indeed, deception of a life that far too many children actually experience is muted but for what I assume is a first effort Porter and Stein deserve plaudits for trying something outwith the usual stuff that clogs up Comixology’s Submit line. It’s not a comic about stupidly large breasted women fighting men in spandex, or endless bloody post-apocalyptic stories featuring zombies. It’s tried something different. It doesn’t really succeed but for 69p it’s worth giving it a try just to see a pair of creators do something that clearly means something to them.

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