I have the best words-the approaching horror of Donald J. Trump

It’s the aftermath of Super Tuesday over in the USA and Donald J. Trump, an openly racist, nearly fascistic egomaniac with shades of Greg Stillson looks likely to be the Republican candidate.

Trump’s a sort of Nigel Farage but with serious amounts of money and without the serious alcoholism. both though blame immigrants for the ills of their respective countries, and yes, the idea of a son of immigrants telling people that America can be great again when America was forged from the work of immigrants is so obscene that it’s nearly funny in a blackly comic way.

For the Democrats it seems Hilary Clinton has defeated Bernie Sanders so it’s likely to be Clinton versus Trump, and that’s not clear who might win as people really are going to be faced with the lesser of two evils, well, one evil and one opulent, petulant fascist that’ll destroy the USA if he’s elected.

I’d recommend taking time out to watch John Oliver’s splendid take-down of Trump..

But the idea of Trump as a maniacal, powerful lunatic has been around for decades. It’s not to say this isn’t something that’s been around for years, and in fact back in the 1980’s DC Comics used Trump as the basis of their revamped Lex Luthor. At times they made it really, really obvious.



And that sums Trump up. He’s a comic book villain that knows words and should be mocked and feared because the reality of him as an American president is simply terrifying. Clinton is going to be dreadful but we at least get she’ll be more of the same after Obama. Trump, the comic book villain, could do anything and that’s a risk I hope the Americans don’t take as it could take decades for America to repair itself after a Trump presidency, if it can at all.

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