The NHS has helped my recovery from a stroke

A fortnight ago I suffered  a mild stroke that left my right side weak and numb, A week ago I came home. Today I’m going to go shopping for food myself with the help of friends.This is all because the NHS helped me along the path of recovery at every minute from the moment the paramedics rushed me to the Bristol Royal Infirmary, to being cared for on the ward to the last week of home visits that’s seen me build up strength and confidence. I even have my old man’s stick to help me with balance when I walk. I just imagine I’m Gandalf….

The NHS has given me the most immense level of support. I cannot praise the support and care I’ve been given highly enough because less than a fortnight after a mild stroke I’m up and around and walking. Alright friends have to help me but I’m nearly independent, and tomorrow I’m going to try to get around by myself for a bit. Less than a fortnight ago my right leg and arm were just hunks of meat attached to my body, now they’re working. Not at the same level as before but they’re improving every day.

So it’s been a long day but as the home visitors sign off & I prepare to quite drastically change my lifestyle I have to thank the NHS for keeping me alive and fixing me. Getting back to before, and in fact, being better than before is going to take months but the reason I’m here typing this is thanks to the men and women of the NHS.

Now, where’s my old man’s stick so I can wave it at people?!


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