A bunch of blokes online are upset about the Ghostbusters trailer as it features people with vaginas

The trailer for the new Ghostbusters film was released this week to much controversy mainly from male fans who outraged at the idea that any film can feature people with vaginas, have vomited their hatred online for all to see.

This Cracked article covers some of the usual comments, and that saves me from linking to the same tired auld bollocks from arseholes talking about ‘pandering’ or pish about ‘Social Justice Warriors’. The article does pretty well in summing up the main points against the film which mainly seem to be that;

1/ Why are women cast in a much loved franchise reboot?

2/ If they are to cast women why can’t I masturbate to them?

3/ It’s raping my childhood!!!!

There’s also some nonsense about the black character played by Leslie Jones, but she’s presented a pretty good justification for the character, so we’re left with yet again a situation with a section of male fans crying into their chests about the usual bullshit every time a non-sexualised female lead takes a major part in these sort of films, or when a male character is revamped into a female one.

Around a decade ago the cheesy 1970’s SF series Battlestar Galactica was revamped with a very adult, post 911 mentality. The character Starbuck was recast as a woman to much crying and wailing online about how this was pandering, or how it raped people’s childhood, though these people probably masturbated their wee hearts out. Very quickly Katee Sackhoff’s portrayal became a fan favourite and all the bitching and moaning vanished into the recesses of the internet.

So this has happened before and it’s been successful enough to run opinion round. The same may happen with this reboot of Ghostbusters, a film I enjoy on the times it’s on TV, but something I don’t hold in any sort of awe as it’s really not that great a film. It’s fun, but there’s large parts of the film that just seem disjointed and all over the place. The less said about the sequel the better.As for the reboot, it looks better than anything Michael Bay has shat into the world, and it’s looks at least fun unlike say, Batman versus Superman which looks appalling.

I’ve not got a problem with people despairing of yet another unimaginative reboot, but if your problem with a film like Ghostbusters is the lead characters have different genitals to yours then frankly, you’re a sexist arsehole. There’s no sensible intelligent reason to feel ‘threatened’ by one genre film featuring female leads out of the dozens released every year with male leads. The only reason you dislike it is because you don’t see women as equals, so in this case where women have adopted traditionally male roles, you somehow feel personally threatened because you can’t deal with the fact it’s 2016.

Frankly this sort of cultural sexism is on a par with religious extremists. It’s insanely stupid. It’s just a bloody film for god’s sake, it’s not that important! Perhaps interacting with the real world and more women might help these people stop being knuckle-dragging arseholes but I sadly doubt it would, even if they got out their house.

It’s 2016, and we’re still having this discussion. Think about that.

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