The amazing persistence of Wendy James

Back in the 1980’s the band Transvision Vamp managed to knock out a couple of hits thanks to having a couple of catchy tunes, but mainly because of lead singer Wendy James. Having once attended a Transvision Vamp in Leicester Polytechnic in the late 80’s I can testify to the not inconsiderable attractions of Ms. James first hand.and in fact Transvision Vamp were a pretty decent pop-punk band for a year or two.

Then the fame set in, the backlash fell upon the backlash and Wendy James and her band struggled to make hits but James plugged on and on. She even did some stuff with Elvis Costello which I admit to never hearing. In fact the only time I’ve noticed Wendy James in the last 20 or so years is around 95 or 96 being in a pub off the Portobello Road in London near the location for the now defunct comic shop Fantastic Store. That’s because I noticed someone in the bar that looked like James and had it pointed out that in fact it is.

Being generally crap I didn’t go up and even offer to buy her a drink. Tsk.

But I recently noticed that she’s been crowdfunding a new album, The Price of the Ticket, and barring some unfortunate botox work, she’s looking amazing for someone aged 50 and not much older than me.

It sounds as if she’s still ploughing the same furrow she always has and you know what? I don’t mind that. At one point I’d probably been pompous enough to hate this but it’s comforting that in the year 2016 someone like Wendy James is still making music and clearly not giving a single fuck about what anyone thinks. That gives me a warm feeling inside.

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