What I thought of Marty’s Big Day #1


Marty is a cat. He’s got a smart red tie and a boyfriend Emmett who’s a dog. There’s the premise of B. David Finch McGuire’s often charming comic Marty’s Big Day.


In the first strip, Marty starts a new job with a family and their new cat. After spending a day scratching furniture and being a cat, Marty comes home to find Emmett kidnapped by his nemesis Biff.


There’s a suitably charming end to what is a lovely little all-ages anthropomorphic title about a couple just trying to live a regular life, or at least as regular as a cat and dog can lead a life.

Stuff like this needs supporting, not to mention McGuire’s got a nice touch of giving his animals a real sense of character, something many people forget to do when doing anthropomorphic comics. There’s also a lovely light tough, and a real joy on display here, so click this link here and give it the support it deserves.

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