Just why do good companies employ shite companies to deliver their stuff?

As regular readers to my blog will know around a month ago I suffered a mild stroke. I’ve generally been doing fine my on Tuesday I’ve got some more tests and the slight chance of being hospitalised over Easter if the tests come back giving the worst possible outcome. So I thought I’d treat myself to a new laptop from Dell to not just replace my current one that’s seen better days, but as I’ve probably got a lot of hospital time coming up regardless I can load it up with stuff to keep me occupied once I’m in hospital and bored rigid.

Unfortunately Dell use UK Mail. If I had long enough hair I’d pull it out. I’m drained arguing with them as nobody listens or seems able to do anything. I know how these sort of call centres work but nobody seems able to do anything, regardless of how much they promise to sort it out for me.


I’m not asking much. Someone from the company tested me saying they tried to deliver to my flat and stuck a card through my door. They didn’t, they’re lying.


So I’ve been promised two calls from managers. Neither has happened. I’ve had two people on Twitter earnestly promise resolution. Nothing has happened.


Oh, the only thing that has happened is that someone told me it’ll turn up on Monday, and oh, it should have turned up yesterday. So this is the second day of this.


And there’s no guarantee the same isn’t going to happen on Monday. So what should be the start of a nice, quiet weekend before the stress of next Tuesday has turned into me getting stressed at people not doing their job right.

Still, as bad a UK Mail is, they’re at least not as bad as Yodel……..

2 thoughts on “Just why do good companies employ shite companies to deliver their stuff?

  1. I once had an order where those incompetemt bellends were supposed to be delivering it. I was out when they supposedly tried to deliver it. I later found out that Bristol based delivery guy had fraudulently faked a signature so that it would be recorded as delivered. No idea what happened to it (£250 value) if he left it on my doorstep it mustve been nicked soon after he had gone.

    So i phoned UKmail, who said the sender was their customer, not me, therefore they had to be the ones to submit the complaint. I phoned the sender who insisted i took it up with ukmail. In the end after a month, they sent another. Delivered by uk mail again. This time i was in, driver didnt bother knocking, just left it on the doorstep. The packaging was damaged but by then id had enough. Bunch of wankers!

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