Using Twitter to complain seems to work

The other day I wrote about my seemingly endless problems with UK Mail struggling to do their job and actually deliver to me my new laptop. Well, at around 10.50 on Friday night I got a message on Twitter from a UK Mail employee who said I’d get my new laptop on Saturday, and at 10am on Saturday morning I had the new Dell machine I’m typing this on right now handed to me by a UK Mail delivery driver.

I also received a call just after I got my machine from someone from their call centre asking how they could help. I pointed out they were a wee bit too late..

But if you complain right, you’ll get things done. I was told Friday evening a Saturday delivery was ‘impossible’, and that they couldn’t find my flat. That was clearly bullshit. So it’s done, and should I get kept in hospital after Tuesday at least I’ll have a nice new laptop to play around with to save me getting bored.

My last word on this is that if you encounter a company like UK Mail to use the medium of Twitter to complain directly to them because Twitter is a medium where everyone can see what everyone is saying unless it’s a DM or you’ve blocked someone. The last thing companies need are people like me calling them on their bullshit where millions can see then so remember this wee tactic should you end up having to deal with them.


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